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Mersen Fuses

Mersen Electrical Power

Tracing their history back to the founding of Shawmut Fuse Wire Company in 1885, Mersen Electrical Power is a global developer and manufacturer of circuit protection products for the automotive, consumer, commercial, milspec, and specialty markets, both in the United States and abroad. FIC Corporation is an authorized distributor of Mersen Electrical Power products, including fuses, fuse holders, fuse blocks, and fuse accessories.

Featured Mersen Fuses

Series TR-R fuses
Part: TR-R 047
Mersen RK5 Series TR-R, 4 1/2 amp 250Vac Commercial Fuse
Series OT fuses
Part: OT 028
Mersen K5 Series OT, 1 amp 250Vac Commercial Fuse
Series ATM fuses
Part: ATM 009
Mersen 5AG Series ATM, 1/10 amp 600Vac Commercial Fuse
Series A50P fuses
Part: A50PT1 056
Mersen Form 101 Series A50P, 10 amp 500Vac Commercial Fuse

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