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Littelfuse Fuses


Since its founding in 1927, Littelfuse has grown to include more than 30 sales, production, and engineering facilities. Today, Littelfuse is a globally renowned designer and manufacturer of automotive, consumer, commercial, milspec and solar electrical circuit protection products. FIC Corporation is an authorized distributor of Littelfuse products, including fuses, fuse holders, fuse blocks, and fuse accessories.

Featured Littelfuse Fuses

Series 322 fuses
Part: 322 043
Littelfuse 3AG/AB Series 322, 3 amp 250Vac Commercial Fuse
Series 217 fuses
Part: 217.032
Littelfuse 5×20 mm Series 217, 1 1/3 amp 250Vac Commercial Fuse
Series SLC fuses
Part: SLC 021
Littelfuse G Series SLC, 1/2 amp 600Vac Commercial Fuse
Class Alarm Indicating Fuses
Part: 481 053
Littelfuse Alarm Indicating Series 481, 7 1/2 amp 125Vac Commercial Fuse

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